Ask a StratExpert

At StratEx, we are passionate about helping. Helping our clients with their HR, Payroll and Benefit needs so that they can focus on building their businesses. Helping fellow StratExians to learn and grow in knowledge and experience. Helping others in our community through our StratEx Serves initiative.

We are also passionate about problem solving. Our ranks are filled with people who are experienced and determined to create solutions around every aspect of HR, Payroll and Benefits.

img_3876-1We call them StratExperts.

As StratExperts solve problems and help our clients, we’ll share some of their knowledge through our ‘Ask a StratExpert’ blog series. Here are a few of our favorites:

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Do you have a question you’d like to Ask a StratExpert?
If you are already a StratEx client, you should contact your Account Manager directly for answers to specific questions regarding your company and employees. Otherwise, you can fill out this form to submit your question. 

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