Get Ready for Year End

Year-End is Fast Approaching

This means it’s time to start looking ahead and planning for next year. Please download the StratEx Looking Forward to 2015 document to view upcoming tax changes, minimum wage changes and several other 2015 considerations. As the IRS releases changes and legislation is passed that will affect 2015, we will notify you. 

Additionally, please view these documents for more information about the upcoming year:

2015 Federal Banking Holidays

2015 SUI and SDI Wage Bases

And finally, download and save the payroll calendar(s) that applies to your company for a helpful reference to use throughout the year. (Most commonly used payroll calendars shown below.) A hard copy of your payroll calendar will be sent to you with an upcoming payroll package or with your employees’ W-2s.

Semi-Monthly Payroll Calendar

Biweekly 1 Payroll Calendar (Pay dates start on 1st and 3rd Friday)

Biweekly 2 Payroll Calendar (Pay dates start on 2nd and 4th Friday)

Weekly Payroll Calendar (Thursday pay date)

Weekly Payroll Calendar (Friday pay date)

Please keep an eye out for more important tax and year-end updates coming from us. If you have any questions about these documents and how this information will affect you or your company in 2015, please contact your Service Team at StratEx.

It’s Time to rethink HR

it is mobile… it is responsive… it is beautiful… It is the new next generation eStratEx application.

eStratEx got its start by pioneering the integrated payroll, HR, benefits, applicant tracking and time keeping system. An all-in-one, easy-to-use solution supported by an awesome staff. Today, we are doing it again. We are pioneering the next generation of employee life cycle software.


Actionable Workflows (TM)

HR systems today are merely an electronic version of legacy paper-based systems. Our industry had failed to rethink HR. Instead we simply replaced manila folders with electronic folders and paper forms with electronic forms.

But HR is not about pushing paper. HR is about processes. HR is about workflows. HR is about empowering businesses to deliver their maximum potential. Actionable Workflows are about empowering you to manage processes instead of managing forms.

Over the next 12 months you will see the new eStratEx application spring to life. Beginning with our next release, you will start to see significant enhancements toboth the look and feel of your eStratex application. All changes to come are made with one goal in mind: Empower you and your users.

The first and most apparent enhancement is a responsive framework providing identical functionality on your desktop, tablet and smart phone. Want to install eStratEx on your smart phone or tablet?? Simply tap Share and Add to Home Screen and you are good to go.

The new login screen will give you a taste of the look and feel set to sweep the application in the coming releases. Not merely a new look, users will be able to setup their own user names and passwords, simplifying the login and user creation processes. Password resets have been streamlined as well.

Your new dashboard will give you insight into the new Actionable Workflows. You will be able to track everything that you work on in eStratEx right from your dashboard. Eventually you will be able to initiate any workflow in eStratEx from right here as well.

Your new Affordable Care Act (ACA) dashboard will not merely provide you with the data needed to recognize employee transitions in and out of benefit eligibility, it will allow you to trigger all pertinent workflows in order to manage those transitions and ensure compliance.

Your new Performance Review dashboard will let you automate the performance review process like never before, including automating new hire reviews.

Release Notes will accompany each software release, providing more details on the items outlined today as well as additional enhancements to reporting, applicant tracking, timekeeping, and more! As always, our training videos, training staff, and your awesome service team are available to explain, train, troubleshoot and most importantly listen.

We always hear from you about features you love in eStratEx. Rest assured, we are not removing any functionality. Our user interface changes will be measured and gradual so that you can get accustomed to them over the next 12 months. Your new Inbox and Actionable Workflows will also be released incrementally and you will always have the option to fall back on using the functionality as it exists today. We have a feeling that this time next year you will wonder how you managed to survive without the new features all this time 🙂

While we have a strong vision for the next generation eStratEx, we cannot, and will not, succeed in this effort without you. Thus, we want to hear from you as we roll out our releases. Tell us what you like, what you do not like, what to change, what tokeep. Your feedback will shape the future of eStratEx, so do not hesitate. We set up a special mailbox for you to send us your feedback – just drop us a note at and tell us what you think.

Your passionate advocates,