Get a tech job… in Chicago?

According to CBRE, the number of tech jobs in Chicago rose 26% from 2010 to 2013.

WBBM Noon Business Hour recently asked me about this statistic and my opinion on what is driving this huge increase. I believe there are a couple of factors leading to a growth in tech jobs in Chicago.

First, companies like Groupon and GrubHub have gone public, which expands our exposure nationally and helps to solidify Chicago on the tech map. Companies like these have been a solid source of innovation and growth over the years, which has stimulated the need for workers with a tech background, and increased the pool of tech workers with experience in the city.

Second, in the recession of 2008, organizations realized they had to do more with less. This resulted in technology replacing a lot of administrative and lower-end service jobs. Those jobs were eliminated, but with technology, you need to have people to maintain the databases and software, which creates a whole ecosystem of jobs that feed off of that new need for technology. This is true for tech companies as well as manufacturing, the service industry, restaurants, etc. Everyone is using more technology to run their businesses better.

The hype with River North and tech incubators is legitimate. 1871 is running out of space, Built in Chicago membership is at an all-time high, Google Midwest Headquarters will be in the chi_08West Loop, and even Class-A addresses on Michigan Avenue are trying to attract tech companies.

As far as bidding wars for top tech talent, there will always be a war for good talent. Chicago is a mecca for new grads in the Midwest, and if you’re interested in working in the tech sector, the landscape has changed– you don’t have to move to one of the coasts for great tech jobs.

As companies realize they don’t have to be in the traditional tech sectors to start-up or have access to a top-notch tech workforce, this trend in Chicago will only continue.

Release Highlight 4/12/15

We’ve released new enhancements to our software!

My favorite new feature has to be ¡eStratex en Español! But since Jake already highlighted that, another new feature I love is our major upgrade with our e-signature function in a To Do.

In the past, we accepted a user’s initials as their e-signature. Now, if a To Do requires a signature, the user can sign using their mouse or touchpad, or if on a device with a touch-screen, they can use their finger to sign.


Over coming releases, this e-signature functionality will be making its way into other modules in the system that require a signature. We will let you know when it does!

The full release notes were recently sent to all StratEx clients . If you are using the software and have any questions about any of the updates, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Exciting Updates On The Way!

We are excited to announce the next version of your eStratex system, to be made available in the very near future!

It is always our goal to introduce upgrades with as little disruption to our users as possible. Seeing as we’re introducing a number of major enhancements with this release, we are taking extra care to make sure everything functions as intended before making the new features available. As soon as we’ve exhausted testing, all new features will be made available!

To preview what is coming…


…¡eStratex en Español!

We are happy to introduce a Spanish version of the site (Myself and New Hire) for those users who are more comfortable reading Spanish! Accessing the Spanish version is as easy as toggling the language on the login page.

¡Por favor avísanos si tienes alguna pregunta o sugerencia!

…Updates to Employee Profile Pages!

Profile Overview

Employee profile pages have received major improvements, both visually and functionally! You’ll find the employee profile overview page much more user friendly.


Profile Panel

We’ve added an employee profile panel to every employee page, giving you the basics (including picture) for the selected employee. This should eliminate any uncertainty as to which employee record is being viewed and/or worked on!

There is much more to come, including a host of User Interface changes designed to improve desktop and mobile usability. Full details of the updates will be sent out once the features have been made available. If you have any questions before or after release, please contact your friendly Service Team.