About Us

The StratEx Way of Thinking

We are a HR service company that enables organizations to untether themselves with the highly manual aspects of the employee life cycle by providing game-changing software; we provide them sleep at night insurance by ensuring they maintain compliancy with the ever-changing labor law landscape; and we provide practical HR support for companies who want us to “manage” the HR function.

We are all about servicing our customers! We look at every client as a partner. We take their input very seriously as all of the enhancements to our software come directly from them.

Our Journey

When we started, payroll companies were ignoring what employers really needed. No one offered a SaaS solution built to automate applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits administration, performance management, time and labor management and payroll. So we built a platform to manage the entire employee life cycle with one database – totally paperless – with a highly configurable workflow engine. More than ten years on, we remain ruthlessly focused on refining the process. On July 24, 2019, we joined Toast to further our commitment to helping restaurants improve their payroll and HR processes. We look forward to the next chapter in our journey.

Our Culture

Culture plays a major role at StratEx. We hire based on three specific attributes: high degree of emotional intelligence; people who love solving problems; and individuals who don’t take themselves too seriously. At StratEx everyone is held accountable – but we strongly encourage our team members to push back when appropriate, and to never simply accept the answer “because this is the way we always do it”.

Our Goals

Our business goals include capitalizing on the uncertainty that the ACA (ObamaCare) is bringing to the market, especially as we see a consolidation of disparate businesses (Payroll, HRIS, Applicant Tracking, Time & Labor, and Benefits). We feel we are nicely situated to become increasingly relevant on the national stage within this space. We are focused on executing this business while maintaining that relevance.

Team Goals

The team at StratEx is committed to playing a key role in our clients’ HR infrastructure. We do this by providing HR knowledge, technical expertise and a high level of nurturing to our client relationships. If you share these talents and you have proven you are equally committed to the best interest of your clients, please submit a resume.

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