Hitting Refresh on the New Hire Module

In May 2018, our clients will be able to access the new iteration of one of the most important modules in eStratEx: the New Hire Module.

The updates in our New Hire module will affect every user who touches it, by giving New Hires an even more positive experience in managing their own data, and giving Managers and HR professionals increased visibility to manage the new hire process quickly and efficiently. We are certain that the module will be more intuitive to use than ever.

Here is an overview of what’s coming, including information about resources that will be available to our clients for training in the updated module.

What is changing?

As we previously communicated to our clients, here are the highlights of the changes to come:

  • Configurable templates will be available to make the eStratEx New Hire process work closely along side our clients’ internal processes, as well as work with any specialized information needed by position. Field requirements will be able to be updated, custom steps can be added, and surveys can be included so that any information can be requested during the new hire process.
  • A new Onboarding Checklist can be activated, which will separate onboarding tasks from traditional new hire steps and paperwork. This will help our clients track steps that are necessary for a successful orientation to the organization, but that may fall outside of traditional HR or Payroll tasks. Examples: tour of the building, introductions to key people, access to key information, product knowledge testing, etc.
  • The refresh will set the stage to fully integrate the e-verify process in coming releases
  • A beautiful new look and feel will make the entire process more intuitive for everyone, including employees, managers and HR

How will it look?

Here is a peek at the new Template section, where eStratEx HR users can create New Hire templates or edit existing templates. Other tabs available (shown in the image below) will allow users to upload or create required documentation (right in eStratEx!), create surveys, setup workflows and notifications for new hires, and access other template settings.

Once template setup is complete, the New Hire Dashboard will now have a second tab: the Onboarding Checklist. Tasks will display here to make the employee orientation process run smoothly and efficiently.

How can I learn more?

If you are not a StratEx client yet, let us know if you’d like to see a demo of eStratEx.

We will send our clients a user guide and video tours of the module, and our Service Team is up-to-date with all of the changes and new processes in the New Hire module. Our clients can reach out to them with any questions that the user guide and video demos don’t answer.

We are excited for this version of New Hire to launch, and look forward to making a positive impact on our clients’ onboarding process!

Reporting Upgrade: On the Way!

In the April 2018 eStratEx update, there will be some big improvements made to our Report Library.

In response to some great feedback we’ve received from our clients, we’re improving the ease of reviewing and accessing the available reports. While there is a large selection of reports available in eStratEx, we understand it can sometimes be challenging to identify the ones most relevant to our clients’ business goals.

Therefore, to help improve our users’ experience with the eStratEx reports, the following improvements will be made to our Report Library with our upcoming update:

Improved Navigation and User Interface

We’ve added a helpful sidebar to quickly navigate between favorite reports, standard reports, custom reports, and year end/quarterly reports. In addition, we’ve included an “Add” button to allow the user to create a custom report from any of the report pages.

Expanded Descriptions

We’re now including descriptions for every report to help identify the ones users are looking for. The new search tool will now search not only for titles, but also for description keywords.

Improved Security Transparency

Before running any report, there is now a “View” option that will include a detailed description, as well as a list of employees who can access the report.

An Overall Improved Experience

Along with these changes, we have reviewed the standard report library selection and made a number of changes to simplify the user experience. While we’ve added to the library and renamed a few reports, we have also removed some reports that were either redundant or were no longer relevant. If there was information available in a removed report that cannot be found in other reports, our clients can reach out to the Service Team with those details.

Here is a detailed list of reports that have been added, removed or renamed to improve the Report Library experience:

Added Reports

  • Deduction Code Setup
  • Earning Code Setup
  • Location Detail Report

Removed Reports

  • Aflac Report
  • Allocations Payroll SummaryReport (see the “Payroll Labor Distribution” report for payroll allocations)
  • Allocations Report (see the “Allocations Audit Report” for static GL allocation information)
  • Arrears Report (see the “Deduction Arrears” and “Taxes Arrears” reports)
  • Benefit Eligibility and Enrollment Audit (review the Benefits Dashboard under Company > Benefits)
  • Charge Activity Report
  • Chicago Employer Expense Tax
  • Funding Split
  • GL Report (see the “GL Report – Detail by Level” report)
  • GL Report – Standard By Account Number (see the “GL Report – Detail by Level” report)
  • OT Allocation Report
  • Payroll Expenses by Position Report
  • Per Payperiod Accounting Report (see the “Per Pay Period Employee Payroll Audit Report”)
  • Time and Expense Summary
  • Timeaway Audit Report (see the “TAFW Requests and Manual Changes Report”)
  • Timesheet Earnings Report (see the “Hours / Earnings By Date Range” report)
  • Timesheet Exception Report
  • Timesheets Weekly Labor Cost (see the “Timesheets Labor Cost By Day” report)

Renamed Reports

  • GL Report – Summary (formerly the “GL Report – Standard”)
  • GL Report – Detail by Level (formerly the “GL Report – Standard by GL Level”)
  • GL Report – Detail by Employee (formerly the “GL Report – Standard by GL Level expanded by employees”)
  • TAFW Accrual History Report (formerly the “TAFW Change History Report”)

We’re excited to share these updates with our clients to keep their eStratEx reporting experience as useful and time-saving as possible. 

eStratEx Manager FAQ Video

Our new software release occurred successfully as planned this last weekend, and our new user interface is up and ready to help our clients manage their employees. We sent full release notes to all clients on Thursday, which included details of each change.

As an added tool, we have created a quick video covering the major changes for managers in the interface. Check it out!



Our New and Improved User Interface Has Arrived!

After many months of hard work behind the scenes, we are excited to announce the release of brand new Myself, Team and Management pages this weekend. Each of the new pages bring a cleaner look, which include useful graphics and new features. We’ve also reorganized previous pages into more relevant groups. For example, “Pay & Benefits” has now been separated into different pages, while “Time Away From Work” has been relocated to a new “Time & Labor” page.

To go back to our original announcement about these changes in November, our main goals for this initiative were to Standardize, Reorganize and Visualize some of the more commonly used pages. Although it might take a little time to become familiar with the changes, we are confident that the system will be easier and smoother to use than ever before.

Take a look at how the Team tab has transformed!


We encourage our clients to dive in and familiarize themselves with the new functions.

In addition to the overview of updates included in our full release notes, we have put together brand new Help Center articles with details on each of the new pages. When on a new page in eStratEx, users can simply select the “Help” link at the top of the page and navigate to the related Help Center article for more information. Of course, StratEx’s Service Team is always ready to assist with any other questions that our clients may have.

All of these changes were a product of the generous feedback we’ve received from clients. Stay tuned — we will have many more exciting new features to share in 2017.

Thank you!

The StratEx Team

eStratEx Updates Coming!

An Exciting New Look Is On The Way

We’re excited to share a sneak preview of some upcoming page design changes that are aimed at improving the user experience in eStratEx. As we have continued to add new features into eStratEx, we have recognized the need to improve and reevaluate the process for the most common functions. In the coming month, we will be introducing a new layout starting with the Myself and Team pages.

Here are our goals for these new pages:

  1. Standardize: We want the look and feel of each page to be as familiar as possible. Therefore, we are ensuring that the new pages use the same collection of buttons and tables.
  2. Reorganize: Some system features have grown to the point where reorganization is warranted. For example, we will be separating out the previous “Pay & Benefits” section into separate “Pay” and “Benefits” pages. We will also introduce tabs on some pages for commonly shared functions, like editing Dependents on the main Benefits Summary page.
  3. Visualize: For the first time, we are adding charts and graphs to our pages! For example, there will now be a timeline of salaries on the “Pay Change” page and a graph with a breakdown of the total earnings on the new “Pay Information” page. We want users to have more ways to comprehend information apart from just tables and numbers.

Below are screenshots of some of these new pages. More information with specific details will be communicated in the coming weeks!


Total Compensation
blog2 Pay History

New features on eStratEx!

Great new updates were deployed to our HR software, eStratEx, this weekend. Here are a couple of highlights:

Custom Payroll Import

Processing payroll can be a daunting task. Inputs change frequently and with little notice, and if something is missed, it can have a significant impact on employee lives. Our goal is always to make the entry of payroll data as easy (and automated) as possible. We are always looking for ways to reduce the chances of manual errors and increase the time available to audit for accuracy.

An invaluable feature to this end is the external import tool. This allows users to quickly and accurately import everything: from hours, to bonuses and commissions. But we know that the success of an import is dependent upon the format of the data being imported. If data comes from different sources, you often have to convert it to another format prior to importing. This takes time and re-introduces the possibility of manual error.

With this release, we are excited to introduce a new custom import tool! We will now be able to configure custom import templates. This will greatly increase the number of file formats accepted for import. We know that this will save our clients a lot of time manipulating files for import, which should make processing payroll faster and easier.

Authorize for Punch with Ease

A central component of any web-based timekeeping system is being able to control where employees are allowed to punch in from. While we’d love to know with certainty that employees will follow the rules, it is easiest to just eliminate temptation by not allowing them to punch in from unauthorized locations. This means, though, that an admin user has to stay on top of authorizing the specific locations and devices that employees are allowed to punch from. If a change is made, an employee could be left sitting at work, unable to punch in or out for the day, until the admin has time to log into the system to make the update.

PUNCHregisterTo help ensure this doesn’t happen, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for admin users to authorize locations for punch. This can now be done directly from the punch page itself!

If a device is not authorized, users will clearly see so directly on the punch page. A button to Register Device will display, and admin users will be able to register the device and/or IP address quickly and easily.

Looking Ahead…

We’re excited to share that in the coming months, our development team will be working to revamp the look and feel of eStratEx!  We have converted many pages to the new look in previous releases, and with this update, there are updates to the Myself and Team tabs. These changes greatly improve the organization of our HR software and improve navigation through the site. We’re looking forward to our next release and continued enhancements!

eStratEx Updates Coming!

This weekend, great new updates will be released to eStratEx. Here are some highlights of a few items that will be improved.

The New Hire module will be improved in a couple of ways.

First, if you have employees “stuck” on your New Hire Dashboard for any reason, there will be a new button available to HR+ users so they can mark the New Hire as complete, and take them off of the Dashboard.

Second, some newly-hired employees have reached out to us recently because they were having trouble logging into the system. This was due to miscommunication with their manager, so a couple of enhancements will be released to help make this process as friction free as possible.

Improvements are also coming to the Status Change Dashboard. The complete history of an employee’s statuses within your company will display with clear dates and lengths of time.

Many more updates will be included in this release. If you are a StratEx client, stay tuned for the full release notes which will hit your inbox sometime later today. If you have any questions before or after the release, don’t hesitate to reach out to your awesome Service Team.

Release Highlight 5/17/15

Over the weekend we released some new features to our software!

Many items included in the release were requests for improvements directly from our clients. We take pride in our commitment to being responsive to clients’ changing needs and are happy to incorporate ideas they have for improvement to the software whenever we can.

Savings money keyboard key. FingerOne such request came from a client that was looking for more communication from the system to their employees when a change occurred with an employee’s Direct Deposit setup for payroll purposes. We always had the capability to notify employees through the system, but because of the client’s request, the decision was made to always send an email to the employee when a change was made.

This change will help to keep the change process transparent and friction free for payroll managers and employees that have changes to their information.

The full release notes were recently sent to all StratEx clients . If you are using the software and have any questions about any of the updates, don’t hesitate to let us know.