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One goal with eStratEx is to eliminate 100% of the paper traditionally used in the Employee Lifecycle. We do this by mirroring your business process with customizable workflow components, e-Signature technology, robust process mapping and by taking advantage of web-services to complete end-to-end integration with your enterprise systems.


Throughout critical junctures in the Employee Lifecycle, we will work with your team to ensure compliance and mitigate the risk associated with having employees. We conduct policy reviews to ensure compliance with all of the state and local jurisdictions where your employees operate. We will also work with your management team to guarantee they are well-trained in the various labor laws governing their contact with applicants and employees.


When you work with our team, we provide an innovative and unique approach to common day Employee Lifecycle Management challenges. Whether it is crafting a unique performance review process, or an incentive-laden compensation plan, we approach each client with an understanding of the individualistic nature of their business.