eStratEx Development Update: 2014R7

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to eStratex. There are several updates that you will want to be aware of, so please download the Release Notes here and read through them carefully.

 In addition to the items described in the Release Notes, you will immediately notice a new look and feel throughout the system. A few weeks ago, we informed you of our plan to rethink HR. This release is the first step in our journey towards a more beautiful, more responsive and more intuitive application designed to truly streamline your business.

 While we have a strong vision for the next generation eStratEx, we cannot and will not succeed in this effort without you. We have set up a mailbox dedicated to your feedback. Please do not hesitate to drop us a note at with your comments, concerns, criticisms and/or kudos :).

 As always, questions regarding items outlined in the Release Notes can be directed to your friendly Service Team.

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