eStratEx Updates Coming!

An Exciting New Look Is On The Way

We’re excited to share a sneak preview of some upcoming page design changes that are aimed at improving the user experience in eStratEx. As we have continued to add new features into eStratEx, we have recognized the need to improve and reevaluate the process for the most common functions. In the coming month, we will be introducing a new layout starting with the Myself and Team pages.

Here are our goals for these new pages:

  1. Standardize: We want the look and feel of each page to be as familiar as possible. Therefore, we are ensuring that the new pages use the same collection of buttons and tables.
  2. Reorganize: Some system features have grown to the point where reorganization is warranted. For example, we will be separating out the previous “Pay & Benefits” section into separate “Pay” and “Benefits” pages. We will also introduce tabs on some pages for commonly shared functions, like editing Dependents on the main Benefits Summary page.
  3. Visualize: For the first time, we are adding charts and graphs to our pages! For example, there will now be a timeline of salaries on the “Pay Change” page and a graph with a breakdown of the total earnings on the new “Pay Information” page. We want users to have more ways to comprehend information apart from just tables and numbers.

Below are screenshots of some of these new pages. More information with specific details will be communicated in the coming weeks!


Total Compensation
blog2 Pay History

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