Reporting Upgrade: On the Way!

In the April 2018 eStratEx update, there will be some big improvements made to our Report Library.

In response to some great feedback we’ve received from our clients, we’re improving the ease of reviewing and accessing the available reports. While there is a large selection of reports available in eStratEx, we understand it can sometimes be challenging to identify the ones most relevant to our clients’ business goals.

Therefore, to help improve our users’ experience with the eStratEx reports, the following improvements will be made to our Report Library with our upcoming update:

Improved Navigation and User Interface

We’ve added a helpful sidebar to quickly navigate between favorite reports, standard reports, custom reports, and year end/quarterly reports. In addition, we’ve included an “Add” button to allow the user to create a custom report from any of the report pages.

Expanded Descriptions

We’re now including descriptions for every report to help identify the ones users are looking for. The new search tool will now search not only for titles, but also for description keywords.

Improved Security Transparency

Before running any report, there is now a “View” option that will include a detailed description, as well as a list of employees who can access the report.

An Overall Improved Experience

Along with these changes, we have reviewed the standard report library selection and made a number of changes to simplify the user experience. While we’ve added to the library and renamed a few reports, we have also removed some reports that were either redundant or were no longer relevant. If there was information available in a removed report that cannot be found in other reports, our clients can reach out to the Service Team with those details.

Here is a detailed list of reports that have been added, removed or renamed to improve the Report Library experience:

Added Reports

  • Deduction Code Setup
  • Earning Code Setup
  • Location Detail Report

Removed Reports

  • Aflac Report
  • Allocations Payroll SummaryReport (see the “Payroll Labor Distribution” report for payroll allocations)
  • Allocations Report (see the “Allocations Audit Report” for static GL allocation information)
  • Arrears Report (see the “Deduction Arrears” and “Taxes Arrears” reports)
  • Benefit Eligibility and Enrollment Audit (review the Benefits Dashboard under Company > Benefits)
  • Charge Activity Report
  • Chicago Employer Expense Tax
  • Funding Split
  • GL Report (see the “GL Report – Detail by Level” report)
  • GL Report – Standard By Account Number (see the “GL Report – Detail by Level” report)
  • OT Allocation Report
  • Payroll Expenses by Position Report
  • Per Payperiod Accounting Report (see the “Per Pay Period Employee Payroll Audit Report”)
  • Time and Expense Summary
  • Timeaway Audit Report (see the “TAFW Requests and Manual Changes Report”)
  • Timesheet Earnings Report (see the “Hours / Earnings By Date Range” report)
  • Timesheet Exception Report
  • Timesheets Weekly Labor Cost (see the “Timesheets Labor Cost By Day” report)

Renamed Reports

  • GL Report – Summary (formerly the “GL Report – Standard”)
  • GL Report – Detail by Level (formerly the “GL Report – Standard by GL Level”)
  • GL Report – Detail by Employee (formerly the “GL Report – Standard by GL Level expanded by employees”)
  • TAFW Accrual History Report (formerly the “TAFW Change History Report”)

We’re excited to share these updates with our clients to keep their eStratEx reporting experience as useful and time-saving as possible.