Get Ready for Year End

Year-End is Fast Approaching

This means it’s time to start looking ahead and planning for next year. Please download the StratEx Looking Forward to 2015 document to view upcoming tax changes, minimum wage changes and several other 2015 considerations. As the IRS releases changes and legislation is passed that will affect 2015, we will notify you. 

Additionally, please view these documents for more information about the upcoming year:

2015 Federal Banking Holidays

2015 SUI and SDI Wage Bases

And finally, download and save the payroll calendar(s) that applies to your company for a helpful reference to use throughout the year. (Most commonly used payroll calendars shown below.) A hard copy of your payroll calendar will be sent to you with an upcoming payroll package or with your employees’ W-2s.

Semi-Monthly Payroll Calendar

Biweekly 1 Payroll Calendar (Pay dates start on 1st and 3rd Friday)

Biweekly 2 Payroll Calendar (Pay dates start on 2nd and 4th Friday)

Weekly Payroll Calendar (Thursday pay date)

Weekly Payroll Calendar (Friday pay date)

Please keep an eye out for more important tax and year-end updates coming from us. If you have any questions about these documents and how this information will affect you or your company in 2015, please contact your Service Team at StratEx.

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