A good manager is out on the floor — not stuck in an office handling paperwork. With our web-based system, eStratEx ™, we will ensure your team is focused on the right areas of the business. From Applicant > Termination, we fully automate the employee lifecycle by giving a full range of applicant tools, online Red Books, paperless new hire processes, as well as, out of the box integration with most POS’ and GL packages.


For a multi-unit operator, without a doubt, one of the greatest fears is the unknown employee-related risks that can present themselves at any moment in time. Whether it be a sexual harassment claim, a wrongful termination charge, an OSHA violation or a potential immigration issue, the risks become magnified as your operations grow from sole proprietor to multi-unit operator.



Your HR Account Manager is armed with practical knowledge. So when you speak to us about “Front of the House” or “Back of the House” we will know what you’re referencing. We know the innate challenges associated with scheduling, labor costing, turnover v. sales volumes and how to handle the fast-paced environment of your manager’s world. We will provide valuable insight gleaned of years of real-world experience and design custom programs and metrics to ensure you are getting the most out of your team.