Just Released: New Security Measures

System security is our highest priority at StratEx. One security measure, two-factor authentication, is required for users with access to sensitive employee data when logging into our HR and payroll system, eStratEx.

Our Current Process

Currently, StratEx creates a token for these users at login and sends it to them through email or phone via SMS text. While using this process, there have been times when external factors have caused tokens to be delayed. An email provider or phone service has blocked or delayed tokens for reasons that are unknown to us and out of our control. When this happens, it prevents our users from quickly logging in and can be can be very frustrating, to say the least.

This authentication process works well for most users, but since there is the possibility of our tokens being occasionally delayed, we wanted to offer a solution that would work for every eStratEx user, every time.

Another Option: Google Authenticator

To meet this need, we have introduced an additional, even more reliable way to authenticate logins.

Using the Google Authenticator app available for Android and iOS, eStratEx users can now satisfy two-factor authentication requirements by using a code provided locally on their phones, instead of relying on an email or text from eStratEx that could be delayed by a third-party email provider or phone service.

The app can be easily downloaded on users’ phones, then they can follow these instructions to activate Google Authenticator¬†within eStratEx.

The process is fast, easy, and best of all — no delayed tokens keeping anyone from logging in.

Once installed on a user’s phone, they will always have access to a time-based, highly secure method to authenticate their eStratEx login.

Google Authenticator is available to any users who would like to opt-in to this two-factor authentication process. Just follow these instructions to get started!