We help your company ensure compliance with all federal, state and local labor laws. We will advise on any or all termination cases to ensure that you are following the law, which may lower your SUTA rate. Clients are assigned a (S)PHR-certified HR professional who deals with details concerning employee relations issues, HR compliance questions, or advice regarding best HR practices. work-product-compliance

Work Product Compliance


Restrictive Covenants
Offer Letters
Hold Harmless


Labor Law Compliance






Workplace Harassment
Sensitivity Training
Safety Training


Response Management


Position Statement


eStratEx™ can be used to manage specific employment services requirements to help maintain compliance over time.

applicant                                                                           Applicant


Create Job Requisitions
Customize Application Questions
Manage Applicant Data


New Hire


Paperless I-9 & Tax Forms
Employee Agreements Sign-off
Direct Deposit Setup


Employee Management

Review HR Files
Manage Time Away, Timesheets &
Expense Reports
Consultative ACA Services


Compensation & Benefits


Track Benefit Eligibility
Paperless Open Enrollment
Paperless Pay Stubs
Benefits tied to Deductions


Discipline & Termination


Discipline Forms
Final Pay Handling
Streamlining Off-boarding Procedures

compliance-traininglaner-muchinOccasionally businesses need help from a professional labor attorney. StratEx maintains a strategic partnership with with Laner Muchin, one of the premiere labor law firms in the United States. This relationship affords our clients access to Laner Muchin attorneys to help with the following:

  • Keep up to date with labor laws as they change over time in all 50 states
  • Employee Policy Handbook updates
  • Job description creation to ensure FLSA compliance
  • FMLA updates and compliance
  • HIPAA compliancy
  • Termination consulting
  • Wage & Hour Guidance
  • Employee File Audit
  • Government Compliance Updates
  • Restrictive Covenant Agreements
  • I-9 Compliancy
  • ADA, EEOC, FLSA, etc.
  • Vetting of all of our employee-related work product


Sticky Situation Management

Occasionally, your HR Account Manager may feel that you are best served by speaking directly with a labor lawyer. Under our retainer with Laner Muchin, we will schedule a conference call with a partner, your HR Account Manager, and all the individuals from your team that need to be involved. We will work with the team until the manner has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Compliance Training


  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Interviewing
  • I-9 Training
  • ADA Training
  • Terminating the Employment Relationship
  • Wage and Labor Practices


HR Gap Analysis


  • Employee Policy Handbook
  • Job Application form
  • Current W4 and I9 forms
  • New Employee Orientation Checklist
  • Exit Interview form
  • State and Federal legal HR Posters
  • Employee Counseling form
  • Performance Appraisal form
  • Family Medical Leave forms, if required


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