New features on eStratEx!

Great new updates were deployed to our HR software, eStratEx, this weekend. Here are a couple of highlights:

Custom Payroll Import

Processing payroll can be a daunting task. Inputs change frequently and with little notice, and if something is missed, it can have a significant impact on employee lives. Our goal is always to make the entry of payroll data as easy (and automated) as possible. We are always looking for ways to reduce the chances of manual errors and increase the time available to audit for accuracy.

An invaluable feature to this end is the external import tool. This allows users to quickly and accurately import everything: from hours, to bonuses and commissions. But we know that the success of an import is dependent upon the format of the data being imported. If data comes from different sources, you often have to convert it to another format prior to importing. This takes time and re-introduces the possibility of manual error.

With this release, we are excited to introduce a new custom import tool! We will now be able to configure custom import templates. This will greatly increase the number of file formats accepted for import. We know that this will save our clients a lot of time manipulating files for import, which should make processing payroll faster and easier.

Authorize for Punch with Ease

A central component of any web-based timekeeping system is being able to control where employees are allowed to punch in from. While we’d love to know with certainty that employees will follow the rules, it is easiest to just eliminate temptation by not allowing them to punch in from unauthorized locations. This means, though, that an admin user has to stay on top of authorizing the specific locations and devices that employees are allowed to punch from. If a change is made, an employee could be left sitting at work, unable to punch in or out for the day, until the admin has time to log into the system to make the update.

PUNCHregisterTo help ensure this doesn’t happen, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for admin users to authorize locations for punch. This can now be done directly from the punch page itself!

If a device is not authorized, users will clearly see so directly on the punch page. A button to Register Device will display, and admin users will be able to register the device and/or IP address quickly and easily.

Looking Ahead…

We’re excited to share that in the coming months, our development team will be working to revamp the look and feel of eStratEx!  We have converted many pages to the new look in previous releases, and with this update, there are updates to the Myself and Team tabs. These changes greatly improve the organization of our HR software and improve navigation through the site. We’re looking forward to our next release and continued enhancements!