Keeping Politics Out of Your Restaurant

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you fall on, things are tense politically these days. Whether your organization embraces the political banter or bans it, it’s true that strong opinions on many issues are leaking into the workplace, regardless.

pexels-photo-429247So, imagine this scene: You’ve met up with an old buddy at one of your favorite lunch spots. You quickly get into a discussion on the day’s political situation when your server approaches to take your drink order, and makes a direct rebuttal to your political point.

That’s an eye opener.

And a quick way for a server to receive a complaint and/or lousy tip. Not to mention the possibility of a longer term backlash for the restuarant due to a single social media post gone viral.

Our head of HR at StratEx, Gretchen Van Vlymen, contributed to an article for FSR Magazine on this very topic: Don’t Let Political Talk Destroy Your Restaurant

Check it out for an in depth discussion of politics in restaurants and how to avoid problems with a clear code of conduct, written expectations in handbooks, and an ongoing discussion with staff to ensure a pleasant dining experience — no matter what’s happening in D.C.