Hitting Refresh on the New Hire Module

In May 2018, our clients will be able to access the new iteration of one of the most important modules in eStratEx: the New Hire Module.

The updates in our New Hire module will affect every user who touches it, by giving New Hires an even more positive experience in managing their own data, and giving Managers and HR professionals increased visibility to manage the new hire process quickly and efficiently. We are certain that the module will be more intuitive to use than ever.

Here is an overview of what’s coming, including information about resources that will be available to our clients for training in the updated module.

What is changing?

As we previously communicated to our clients, here are the highlights of the changes to come:

  • Configurable templates will be available to make the eStratEx New Hire process work closely along side our clients’ internal processes, as well as work with any specialized information needed by position. Field requirements will be able to be updated, custom steps can be added, and surveys can be included so that any information can be requested during the new hire process.
  • A new Onboarding Checklist can be activated, which will separate onboarding tasks from traditional new hire steps and paperwork. This will help our clients track steps that are necessary for a successful orientation to the organization, but that may fall outside of traditional HR or Payroll tasks. Examples: tour of the building, introductions to key people, access to key information, product knowledge testing, etc.
  • The refresh will set the stage to fully integrate the e-verify process in coming releases
  • A beautiful new look and feel will make the entire process more intuitive for everyone, including employees, managers and HR

How will it look?

Here is a peek at the new Template section, where eStratEx HR users can create New Hire templates or edit existing templates. Other tabs available (shown in the image below) will allow users to upload or create required documentation (right in eStratEx!), create surveys, setup workflows and notifications for new hires, and access other template settings.

Once template setup is complete, the New Hire Dashboard will now have a second tab: the Onboarding Checklist. Tasks will display here to make the employee orientation process run smoothly and efficiently.

How can I learn more?

If you are not a StratEx client yet, let us know if you’d like to see a demo of eStratEx.

We will send our clients a user guide and video tours of the module, and our Service Team is up-to-date with all of the changes and new processes in the New Hire module. Our clients can reach out to them with any questions that the user guide and video demos don’t answer.

We are excited for this version of New Hire to launch, and look forward to making a positive impact on our clients’ onboarding process!