Welcome to eStratEx™, our web-based interface that automates every aspect of payroll, HR and benefits management, from applicant-to-COBRA. Peace-of-mind is all part of the package.


Manage compliance and understand complexities of labor law in all fifty states. And when things get sticky, our legal experts help solve problems before they grow.


Our account service teams include HR professionals with experience in compliance, labor law and more. When you need extra help, we’re ready.

Whatever your challenge, StratEx offers HR, payroll and benefits solutions to meet a variety of business needs.

Administrative Outsourcing

Managing payroll, benefits, unemployment claims and other administrative tasks can be overwhelming. Worse yet, they distract you from higher-level responsibilities, like hiring and performance reviews.

Applicant Tracking

Finding the right person for the job is tough enough. But what about managing all the steps and paperwork involved in recruitment? That’s no picnic either.

Benefits Administration

Does open enrollment make you nervous? Relax – eStratEx™ automates benefits administration, from enrollment through termination. Plus, data automatically passes to the carrier — eliminating mistakes.

Payroll Administration

We’ve designed our payroll system to work as you think, seamlessly integrating HR and payroll data – one record for each employee; one database with all your data.

Performance Management

Performance reviews just got easier. And better. Our survey engine creates custom reviews that offer insights about employees and processes. Use responses to rank, rate, auto-score and respond.

Time & Labor Management

Managing labor wisely is tough. Understaffing leads to sub-standard customer service and declining sales. But overstaffing trims your margins. Stop guessing and start making better-informed decisions.

Human Resources Information System

Don’t let your “user-unfriendly” HRIS interface saddle you with the burden of unnecessary paper records. eStratEx™ is friction-free – meaning paper-free – and a pleasure to use.