Our StratEx Family


Our StratEx family is spread out over half a dozen offices in six states. As such, we do not always get to see each other. Thus we make it a tradition that once a year everybody in the StratEx family gets together at our flagship office on beautiful Michigan Avenue for our annual Holiday Party.

The office sits on the 28th floor in a skyscraper in the middle of Michigan Avenue. The first skyscraper was built in Chicago after all, so it is apropos that we pay homage to our hometown and reside in one. The views are majestic day or night, overlooking the endless Lake Michigan or the car lights fading, seemingly endlessly, into the night. It is all gorgeous.

Years ago our holiday party included clients and partners. As we grew and our wings spread and our offices reached the farthest ends of our beautiful land, from sea to shining sea, we decided our StratEx family needed more “us” time to get to know each other better. Now a days we celebrate the holidays with our family, our loved ones and the occasional StratEx alumni that misses the vibe and wants to join in the festivities.

We celebrate the end of one year, we look forward to the start of another, most importantly, we celebrate each other.

Cheers my friends, my colleagues, my StratEx family.


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