StratEx Serves: The EDJA Foundation and Global Citizen Award

In our company-wide Summer Kickoff meeting last month, we were honored to have Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri speak to the StratEx team.

Tabitha is the founder of EDJA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to combat child abuse, sexual assault & domestic violence in Sub-Saharan Africa. EDJA envisions a society where every woman and child is safe and protected from abuse. They are achieving their mission through actions that establish coalitions of advocates for victors and enforce prevention measures providing medical, legal, counseling and outreach services.

We were so deeply moved by Tabitha’s talk. She shared stories from women and girls about the systemic sexual assault and abuse in Uganda that EDJA is working to eliminate. And we were amazed by her own story and drive to stand up and fight for what is right. Through the EDJA foundation, she has become the voice for the voiceless and the strength and support for those who drastically need help.

We’d like to say thank you again to Tabitha for coming and talking to us and more importantly, we want thank her for the all the work she has been doing to raise awareness for EDJA’s mission. Lastly, we are very proud to announce that our employee led charitable committee, StratEx Serves, raised $1,500 in donations for EDJA at the StratEx Summer Kickoff!

While Tabitha was too humble to say this in her talk… she is also being awarded a the Global Citizen Award (this weekend 9/29/18)  – the award recognizes the excellence of individuals in their work to end extreme poverty, as well as $50,000 in funds for the EDJA foundation! Congratulations Tabitha!

To support EDJA go to:

To learn more about Tabitha and her Global Citizen award go to: This Activist Is Ending Patterns of Sexual Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa

Video from the Global Citizen Awards