StratEx Webinar: ACA Reporting Requirements and our ACA Module

Did you know: failure to comply with the requirements of the ACA will result in tax penalties, which will be up to $500 per 1095C not filed.

If you are not sure how your company will handle the ACA requirements, we encourage you to attend our webinar at 1pm CST on November 17th. The webinar will cover the most important and challenging parts of the ACA, as well as what our software can do to make your company’s process as friction free as possible.

The webinar will serve two purposes:

  1. To help you understand the vital sections of the ACA that need your attention. We will cover in some detail:
    • The Employer Mandate
    • ACA reporting elements for applicable large employers (ALEs)
    • The Look-back Method
  2. To show you the ACA module in eStratEx and how it can provide you the tools you need to handle all of the requirements of the ACA. This includes:
    • A tool to help you determine if your company is an applicable large employer (ALE)
    • A tool to help you apply the ‘look back’ methodology for tracking variable hour employees’ hours
    • Reporting and filing services included with the module. This includes annual reports that must be filed with the IRS, and annual statements that must be provided to employees


Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015
Time: 1:00pm- 2:00pm CST

Who should attend: Management, HR professionals

To learn more about the ACA, and how we can help you navigate the requirements with our ACA module, please join our webinar by registering here:

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