Get to Know a StratExian: Katie Samuelson

Name: Katie Samuelson

ks1History at StratEx:
I started at StratEx in March of 2015 as a Service Specialist and have since been promoted to a Project Specialist. In this role, I help clients implement our HR software, eStratEx, and I train them on the system modules they will use. I like that I continue to be on my client’s Service Team even after implementation, helping resolve any questions or issues that may arise! I have also recently taken on the title of StratEx’s Social Media Ambassador.

How have you helped a client solve an HR or Payroll problem?
I think our software specifically helps our clients’ payroll and HR needs because its a one-stop shop for all things HR/payroll related. eStratEx gives our clients the ability to manage everything in one place – payroll, recruitment, timekeeping, etc. I’ve seen a lot of our clients that have transitioned from a paper process to our paperless process, which is always a cool transition to see. On the StratEx Service Team, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback in the sense that our software gives our clients that ability to manage everything in one place without feeling overwhelmed. As a team, we help with that transition to ensure the client feels educated and confident in their ability to utilize eStratEx in the best way possible. 

What’s on your bucket list this year?
The year is almost over, which is crazy! But, I definitely want to relearn Spanish, go bungee jumping and head to Asia in 2017!

If you could travel, would you travel to the past or the future?
Past for sure! There have been so many cool eras and decades. I’d love to go back to the 20’s, 60’s and witness some of the major events that have occurred.

Which HR/Payroll topic is your Patronus?
I’d probably say learning and development because I absolutely love training!

Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?
Kate Hudson – she’s so bubbly and easy going.

Backpacking or Luxury Hotel?
I think a mix of both is the way to do it. It’s fun to be outdoorsy, but also feel like you can relax in a nice hotel for a few nights.

Favorite thing about working at StratEx:
The people! I love that I have the opportunity to work with smart, encouraging and fun (funny – cough Eric) people each day!

Advice to new StratExians:
I think my biggest piece of advice would be to assert yourself as someone who is ready to hit the ground running. But, I’d also say it’s okay to not know the answers to everything. You won’t have all the answers in one day, and we are working in the software/tech industry so there will always be new advancements in technology. It’s good to turn to others for help and guidance. If you have the expectation to just kind of constantly be learning and asking questions, you’ll be in a good spot. That, and having a positive attitude really does make a huge difference!


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