StratEx serves more than 1,000 clients in every industry.



From restaurants to hotels, we help you address challenges of high turnover, rapid advancement and multiple locations.


Financial Services


Attract the best candidates – develop and maintain a consistent process for due diligence, hiring, compensation and reviews.


Customer Service


StratEx offers a paperless way to manage a large workforce – and empowers employees with training, one-touch requests, reviews and more.


Non Profits


The eStratEx™ reporting engine helps promote transparency, and can optimize HR processes to save time and money.



The American manufacturing sector requires employers to adapt streamlined methodologies to manage HR, payroll and benefits.



We specialize in solutions for companies with complex employment issues – like having a distributed work force across a wide territory.




With razor-thin margins and high fixed costs, retailers must do a lot with few resources, and relies on making great employee hires.